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An Introduction to Air Suspension Problems and Solutions...

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And the work day begins...

 You just got your coffee and walk outside to get to that big meeting only to find that your car is about 6 inches lower than it was before you left it last night. You rush to turn on the car to hopefully resuscitate it because you know that you took that extra 10 minutes to check you Facebook account and now you are running late. The car starts and you try to drive away but you hear that grinding sound of the body of the car on the ground. No luck.

What just happened to my really expensive people mover and mobile office powerhouse?

This is a story we hear every day. Unfortunately I have the exact same answer to each frustrated owner I speak to. “Sounds like your air suspension just failed on you.”

So what is an air suspension system and why is it going to make me loose that sale or meeting?

Many newer and updated models of cars these are installed with an active suspension that allows you to raise and lower the vehicle along with the ability to feel like you are riding on a cloud at 65 miles per hour. The system is comprised of a compressor, valve block, air lines, and 4 struts or shocks. Weather it is called Airmatic by Mercedes Benz or Active Air Suspension by Audi, the systems are all based on the same principals.

An electric compressor is turned on, feeds compressed air to a valve block that distributes pressure to one or all of the struts that have air bags installed on them instead of springs. From time to time these components can fail causing this situation that made you late. Most of the time the failure is due to the rubber parts wearing out or splitting allowing air to escape and lowering your car.

In the past, your only option was to pay thousands of dollars for new parts only sold by your local dealerships. In most cases your car will sit while they actually order the part they supposedly had in stock from another state. The average cost of a suspension part is well over $1000 dollars each. A full new system the dealership will set you back about $5000 dollars. In most cases is enough to make you want to sell the car and loose all of the equity you have paid into it.

We had the same issues with our cars for years and have developed a rebuilding process for literally a fraction of the cost of a new one. The best part, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

How does it work? Luckily for all of us, we have been collecting these bad struts for years. We completely disassemble the strut into its separate parts and begin the process. After disassembly, the parts are thoroughly cleaned, sand blasted and refinished. All wearable parts are then replaced with new ones along with the air bladders that cause the failures. The part is reassembled and then goes into our water tank for pressure and leak testing to ensure it is ready for the road.

All of our sales staff and engineers are always up to take the time to speak with you to explain the process and answer any questions you may have. We have been in your shoes, or your car and are happy to help you save money, get you to that meeting, and more importantly give you the opportunity to hit like on your friend's posts.


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