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The Importance of installing the correct Bentley Continental Flying Spur, GT/GTC Air Strut...

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The Importance of installing the correct Bentley Continental Flying Spur, GT/GTC Air Strut...

Over the years, Rebuild Master Tech has been receiving a ton of calls from people who own Bentley Continentals. This is obviously not the surprising part since there has been need for air suspension replacement for a long time. The questions and comments have been regarding the lack of ride and feel of replacement struts. So as a tech support, it's my job to dig deeper. I find that these calls are being made as follow up to struts that were purchased from our competitors.

It didn't make much sense at first, but then it fell into place. Bentley owners are a very specialized group. They love their cars and are also technically savvy about the parts that go into them. So why not call a completely different company to answer concerns they may have. Even after trying to get an answer from the company that they purchased a product from. Pretty clever Bentley owners aren't they?

So blindly I start to try to figure out why we never get any complaints about feel and performance of our products. It took a bit of time, but finally figured out the difference. When we at Rebuild Master Tech take an order, our staff are trained to ask as much fitment information as possible. Bentley struts have multiple part designs for similar external struts. If struts are installed with different internal designs the feel and performance will be different. Also if only one side is replaced with a different internal design the miss-feel is greater. Some of our competitors will remanufacture and sell any OEM Air Strut without regard of matching OEM part numbers to what the customer has in their car… further more there are now some Aftermarket New Air Strut options out there that claim “one size fits all” then the customer suffers from installing a lower performance part.

It is important with these or any suspension parts to be as specific as possible when ordering. It is always the best route to not only to find the exact part number but also verify the parts ordered to make absolutely sure the you will have the ride and performance your Bentley deserves.

As always, please call our sales staff at 954-934-9595 with any questions you may have.

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